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Black Friday Eco-Friendly Spa Bundle

 Unrefined Black Lava Pumice last longer than the common processed white stones. Ideal for self-care during or immediately after a bath or shower.

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Items in this bundle:

DYP Bath Salts made to hydrate and relieve stress from your mind and body with a therapeutic blend of essential oils, clays, salts and botanicals. 

Hemp Loofah are an excellent way to exfoliate away impurities and dead skin — allowing for quicker skin rejuvenation and a healthier glow.

Japanese Konjac Sponges are an extremely gentle way to exfoliate the face and body without tearing sensitive skin. The are hard until run under warm water. Feel free to use with your sin cleanser or just with water. 

Black Lava Pumice is great for deep exfoliation on areas of the body that are calloused or need to be scrubbed.  Because this pumice stone has not been bleached or over-processed — the natural color and surface is more durable and porous for longer use and a more effective dead skin removal