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Black Friday Plastic-Free Food Saving Bundle

Silicone Food Savers in multi-sized lids for fruits and vegetables instead of plastic wraps.  The lids cover the ends of tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and etc.

To qualify your bundle for 20%:

-Add one of every single item listed

-Feel free to add more of the below listed products — 20% will still apply to all items if more are added.

-Make sure to meet the minimum requirement of one for each item!


Items in this bundle:

Silicone Zip Locks in both large and small sizes.  Great for snacks on the go or organizing small items.  Perfect lunches!

-select one large and one small

Air-Tight Silicone Bags for food storage ad coking sous-vide. These bags and durable and great for hot and cold temperatures. 

-select one 1000ml and one 1500ml, in any color

All products are dishwasher and freezer friendly.